Getting Rid of Small Things that do Big Damage

Small positive steps are one way you can make a big difference in 2018. But there’s another way small things can make a big difference and I’m afraid its not positive at all. Take a look at the picture that I uploaded with this blog. Do you know what that is?

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One, Small Thing Can Make a Big Difference This Year

Can you believe that another new year is already here? You may or may not be a New Year’s resolution person.  41% of Americans make New Years resolutions.  Do you know how many of those American’s keep those resolutions?  8%. That means of all the people who buy gym memberships,

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How to be Wholehearted: Lessons from a Famous Widow

Two weeks ago I found myself in a place I vowed I would never go.  I am ashamed to admit that I have been there before; in fact, I have been several times, but after the last time I decided enough was enough and vowed to never do it again. 

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Throw Away Your To-Do List and Get a To-Be List

I just returned from a trip to Haiti and it was an unbelievable trip. There was only one downside and it’s the same downside we all have when we return from any great trip or vacation: the to-do list that is waiting for you when you get home. I got

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Would You Rather Be a Sheep or a Goat?

By nature, we like to separate things.  We like to keep things in their place.  We like to distinguish this from that. It’s just part of who we are.  Let me give you an example: We separate silverware. We don’t want our forks fraternizing with our knives and spoons. We need

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Where Do Babies Come From?: Defending the Virgin Birth

Some children were interviewed and asked one question: where do babies come from.  Here are their answers: “People call the White House and tell the president they want a baby. If the president approves, you are pregnant.” "My priest has a cane, so I think when you get married the

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