This year I resolve to be more self absorbed!

Who’s into New Years resolutions? Statistically only 44% of American’s make New Years Resolutions and out of those only 8% stick to them. I have a theory as to why most of our resolutions fail. Here’s the center of most of our resolutions. This year I resolve to be more

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Do you find yourself in a season of busy or have you fallen into a lifestyle of busy?

It’s okay to be in a season of busy. Some of the best times in our life will be seasons of busy. Do you remember getting married season? Just started a new job season? Newborn season? Okay bad example. Busy for a season is okay, but it’s not okay to

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The Definitive Answer to the Eternal Question: Who is the Best Superhero?

Who is your favorite superhero? Seems like superheroes are all the rage these days. Every time you turn around there’s a new movie about them and everyone has a favorite. Who’s yours? Maybe it’s Ironman with all that money and the suits that can do everything; or Spiderman, the kid

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How to be Wholehearted: Lessons from a Famous Widow

Two weeks ago I found myself in a place I vowed I would never go.  I am ashamed to admit that I have been there before; in fact, I have been several times, but after the last time I decided enough was enough and vowed to never do it again. 

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